Parents’ Evening

March 6, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank you to all those who responded to the questionnaire regarding the changes to last term’s parents’ evening. We really appreciate the feedback provided by nearly 100 parents.

For your information and interest, enclosed with this letter is a selection of the feedback we received, along with some key statistics.

Many parents commented, either within the questionnaire or directly to staff, that they liked the workshops, spending time in their child’s classroom looking through their books and the opportunity to enjoy informal discussion about helping their child to learn.

However, many parents shared with us that, whilst they enjoyed the format, the time requirement was a challenge, especially for those with multiple children. Parents also missed the dedicated one to one time with the class teacher to discuss their child individually, with some privacy.

We have listened to all of the feedback we have received from parents and have developed our parents’ evening in March in direct response to it.

At the parents’ evenings on Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th March, therefore, we are going to give all parents a 20 minute time slot per child. This will include 10 minutes in the classroom looking at books and talking with support staff about ways to help your child learn at home. This will be complimented by a dedicated 10 minute slot with the class teacher in the hall.

In addition, as part of the parents’ evening, we are going to be asking all parents to spend a further 10 minutes during the evening giving us some feedback about the school and in particular, how we communicate and share information with parents. We are working hard to continue the improvement of our school, for children and parents, as part of our goal to become Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ and we need your valued input to continue this journey.

Staff will guide you through the feedback process on the night which will be very simple and completely anonymous. We will also be providing a range cakes and biscuits to enjoy and would welcome any contributions from parent bakers! If you would like to bring a cake or packet of biscuits, simply bring it in to school during the day and we’ll do the rest!

Attached is the form to complete from which teachers will allocate time slots. Please return these forms to your youngest child’s class teacher by Monday 26th February.

I look forward to seeing you all at the parents’ evening and getting your views on our continued journey of improvement.

Yours sincerely,

Antony Kern

Parents’ evening feedback summary

Positive feedback regarding the workshop style parents’ evening:

The workshop was a very good idea; I got to sit with my child and go through his books without feeling rushed.

It’s nice to go into the child’s classroom environment and see their work and the teacher and see how the set up works.

I really liked chatting to the TA as well as the teacher.

The teacher delivered a brilliant overview of what our child was learning in class and was extremely enthusiastic about how she teaches which only reinforces our happiness.

I had been concerned that we would not have any one-to-one with the teachers to discuss individual performance and how we could help at home, but I had plenty of opportunity to speak with both teachers and they were very encouraging. I think the workshops are perfect.

I thought the workshops were an excellent way to find out what the children do on a day to day basis and an insight into some of the techniques used to teach them.

It was great and we had a good insight.

73% (+14% neutral) agreed that they knew what their child had learnt in Maths and English.
63% (+30% neutral) said they knew what their child needed to achieve by the end of the year with 20% strongly agreeing.
86% said that the increased time to look at books was valuable. 24% strongly agreed.

Concerns about the workshop style parents’ evening:

I would like to have known more about what I can do to at home to help my child learn.

I felt that a personal insight into my own child was missing. I would have liked to have had the opportunity to discuss social skills and specific progress.

There wasn’t the privacy to discuss potentially sensitive issues.

The workshops didn’t work for 2 children on one night.

We found it difficult to commit to the two hour time allotted.

47% stated that they did not feel the teacher had enough time to focus on their child
20% said that the activities did not give them enough strategies to help their child at home.