Sports week 25/05/17

Today is going to be hot. Please make sure children come to school with a hat and water bottle. Sun cream needs to be applied before arriving at school.

Residential Trip Update – 24/04/17

Coach has arrived safely with no illness at all.  The children are extremely excited having arrived at Condover Hall with this as the view as their accommodation for the week.

Image result for Condover Hall

We will update this page of the website as often as we can with news of what the children have been doing.



The children all slept really well.  They went abseiling as their first activity and then had a teachers vs. children run around quiz in the evening. This was exceptionally competitive but the school has not been informed as to who won so we suspect the children did.

Today they have great weather albeit a little cold.  They are having initiative exercises which should be interesting (at least for the teachers watching) laser maze, canoeing, raft building and mini Olympics – so an action packed day after which there is no doubt they will be exhausted.

Mrs. Steer will try to send through some pictures this evening but the internet signal is weak.



Everyone slept well again after a very busy day.

Today the children will be testing their hand eye co-ordination with archery, their strength with climbing, bravery when attempting the zip wire and some more healthy competition in fencing.  This evening will be spent enjoying a game of Cluedo; there will, however, be no boards involved as this is investigating a ‘real’ Condover Murder with teachers, children and instructors taking on different roles in an interactive game.



Yet another good night’s sleep, they must be really exhausted after all that activity.  Today is the Leap of Faith, often the highlight for many of the children as they really push themselves to try something very daunting.  They have tunnelling and vortex, orienteering and a sensory trail.  Assuming that the orienteering is successful they should make it back in time for the camp fire this evening.  They are having yet their last action filled day before packing tonight and tomorrow morning.  There are activities planned for the morning tomorrow before they have lunch and return.  Check back here for updates on the return journey and estimated time of arrival.  We will update Twitter with news as well.


Great last morning launching rockets.  The children have had an amazing time and should sleep for a large proportion of the weekend.  The coach left around 13:05.  The M11 is blocked so they are coming back a different route.  Currently we still expect them to return between 4 – 4:30pm.  Keep up to date via this page and Twitter.


Estimated time now 4:45pm.


Coach is in Stortford, will be around 5-10mins.