Condover Hall Day 4

Beautiful day today, the first without a significant shower which made rafting and canoeing absolutely brilliant.  Miss Ashton’s group sailed majestically around on their well-built raft, whilst Miss Rand’s struggled  bit more but still managed to stay afloat.  Canoeing was great with boats tied together to ensure there was no tipping of the teachers.  Despite this the children managed to ensure that Miss Rand got suitably drenched.

Lazer quest proved to be really popular with Miss Locke’s group being highly competitive and once again showing Mrs. McCole’s and Mr. Kern’s group how things were supposed to be done.  In the climbing, however, they were back at their aerial best and almost everyone getting to the top and those that didn’t managing to get past their own goals.

The evening entertainment witnessed the brutal murder of Billy the Banana by none other than Kelly the Ketchup.  Key witnesses of Max Mustard, Harriet Hotdog and Charlie the Chilli from Mexico bared remarkable resemblance to well-known members of staff.