Condover Hall Day 3

Day 3 was all about the air!

Ariel Trek – a high ropes technical course around the top of the site.  Some children were absolute monkeys flying across the course without a care, others pushed themselves and took huge leaps of faith either just walking up the five flights of steps to the top of the tower or by taking a jump off the platform to fall 60ft to the ground on a powerfan line.

There are some fearless children for whom heights, cold and rain could not dampen their enthusiasm and there are those for whom this was a huge challenge but met with the kind of resilience we want to see from children.  Even the staff who were terrified and cried most of the way around the course gained something from challenging themselves and more often from  watching children conquer their fears.

Just stepping off the 50ft tower to abseil down, it sounds difficult enough but then you realise you are going backwards!  Still once your over the edge it’s amazing how far away from the wall you can bounce if push really hard, it’s just like a big swing really.

For some the traversing wall provided just as much of a test of strength and stamina – could anyone get to the end without falling off?  Team building and initiative exercises (IE Insect Eating – we had them going for a bit!) brought out the best in all the groups.  Tackling problems and choosing the best options for the task gave everyone a chance to discuss and have some input…as well as be lifted above head height to be passed through a rope spider’s web; just your average Wednesday afternoon.

The day ended with a campfire including ‘talent’ show, camp fire songs, chants and a bit of dancing.

Exhausted but excited it was off to bed and ready for another early start.