Condover Hall Day 1&2

We have had an amazing time so far.

We arrived on Monday and were shown around the site, it is lovely and there are lots of great activities that we are looking forward to having a go at.

We found out our rooms, dumped our stuff (neatly) and set off for our first activities. Gladiator Wall for Miss Ashton’s group; Fencing for Miss Rand; Survival skills with Miss Locke and Tunnelling and Vortex for Mrs. McCole and Mr. Kern. Then a run-around quiz where we explored the whole site for an hour and half searching for answers to clues. We were exhausted!

Unfortunately breakfast was at 7am this morning! So breakfasted and a little tired we went off to our first activity. Miss Ashton started with (IE) identified as Insect Eating followed by tunnelling and vortex; Miss Rand scaled the Gladiator Wall and then ate their own Insects during IE; Miss Locke and Mrs. McCole went on the lake – this was an experience. Never had such terrible raft builders been assembled which resulted in Mrs. McCole group barely making it away from the jetty before capsizing, whilst Miss Locke’s group could probably have set sail for foreign climes. Canoeing was not a great deal better and again resulted in a very wet group of staff and children. Miss Locke also took a trip to the lake but more as a birthday celebration than a failure to navigate the dangerous waters of the Condover lake.

This evening was a team ‘Busted’ quiz, once again bringing out the competitive element in the children (and maybe the staff)! Everyone is having a great time, no tears, lots of smiles and lots of fun.