Year 5 & 6 Athletics Competition

Athletics Competition

On Friday 26th of January, 15 of the year 5/6 students – led by Miss Rand – went to Birchwood High School to compete in the Winter Athletics Tournament. There were 19 different schools competing. Due to the popularity, this event had to spread over 2 days.
We had a tough fight against other schools but Sten won the javelin competition (luckily). Every single child that was there all said how much they absolutely loved it and Miss Rand was proud of everyone’s efforts and impeccable behaviour.
The competitors were: Maisie, Eloise, Phoebe, Roni, Lola, Sophie, Leila, Amber, Ollie, Lewis, Edward, Austin, Tom, Sten and Callum. We competed against teams from: Fumeux Pelham, Summercroft, High Wych, St Joseph’s, Thorn Grove, Northgate, St Michael’s, Windhill 21. At the end they announced our school’s score. We finished 7th out of 9 in the competition.

The other 9 different schools were: Albury, Mandeville, Spellbroook, Thorley Hill, All Saints, Manor Fields, ST Andrews, Hillmead, Little Hadham, Reedings: Reedings won the overall competition and progress through to the next stage of competition.

Written by Austin and Ollie (Herons class)