Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Competition

On Thursday 8th June Richard Whittington sent two tag rugby teams to compete at the Bishops Stortford Rugby club against other local schools. Both teams played in 7 games. The powers that be have decided to make this event ‘non-competitive’ which provided the day with an inclusive atmosphere, however that did not stop us from discretely recording results.

Banana Team

Banana team consisted of: Shiku, Sophie, Austin, Ollie, Torin, Jamie, Louis, Sten, Gabrielle and Aidan.

Banana team (made up of mostly Year 5’s playing against Year 6’s) had a superb day. Wining 4, drawing 2 and losing just 1 game.

The dedication, respect, politeness and pride was clear from every single member of the team throughout the competition. We and the team should be proud of their accomplishment. I was particularly impressed by their respect and sportsmanship towards other teams.

Savage Team (Pupils chose team names may I add)

Savage team consisted of: Matthew, Sonnie, Jess, Lily, Daniel, Corey,  Jack, Aime, Finn and Ben.

Savage team also had an extremely successful day. Winning 5, drawing 1 and losing just 1 match. Comments were made from various referees about the exceptionally high standard of this team (evident from the results). Not only were there amazing individual performances, the team worked effectively as a unit resulting in their impressive run of wins.

A huge thank you to both Mr and Mrs Kelman for helping organise pupils at the event and to Mr Kelman for dedicating his own time for numerous training sessions as well as providing staff with fresh ideas to teach Tag Rugby.

We look forward to next years competition and wish the Year 3/4’s on Thursday the best of luck!