Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Competition

Team Reckers:
Reckers Team consisted of: Callum B, Callum D, Fin, George, Hannah, Murray, Sam, Edward, Tendai, Renai & Grace.
Reckers team had a great day. Wining 2, drawing 3 and losing just 1 game.
Pupils not only demonstrated athletic and technical ability – with exceptional individual performances – but consistent sportsmanship to other teams as well as a supportive and nurturing team mentality. Richard Whittington, parents and themselves should be extremely proud.
A big thank you again to Mr Kelman for putting on extra sessions which allowed the pupils brilliant ability to shine through and for Miss Marshall-Spence for organising and looking after the pupils with Mr Kelman on the competition day. Also, a big thank you to Mr Clark for sourcing medals and making the victories that little bit sweeter for our fantastic pupils.
The future for Richard Whittington Rugby is looking extremely positive. We look forward to next years competition and the continued development of the sport.