What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here?

Just about everything you could imagine during sports week at Richard Whittington, from archery to …yoga (no zumba or zorbing as far as I am aware), all excellently organised by Miss Matthews and Mr Allen. There appeared to be something for everyone – even cookery was on the menu – all athletes need to eat healthily after all.

It was a pleasure to attend the closing ceremony marking the end of the week’s activities on 25th May, not least because it was a chance to escape work and enjoy an hour outside while the sun was shining. Each school house: Squirrels, Badgers, Foxes and Hedgehogs completed a lap of the athletics track to show off the banners they had made during the week and performed their house presentation piece – dance or song or combination, bringing smiles of pride to the faces of parents and carers. There was complex choreography, inventive lyrics, acrobatics and theatrical attitude to enjoy. Then certificates were awarded to the pupils who had impressed their teachers most by displaying sporting values, encouraging their peers, and showing persistence and resilience – recurring themes within the school this year. Mr Kern told us that primary school is all about creating and making the most of opportunities. What a week of challenging and fun opportunities it was, and how well the children responded to everything asked of them. As a school governor and parent, I am proud of what all our children and staff achieved together.

Helen Walkey – Governor and Parent