Ready, Steady, Go!!

Sports week is well underway at Richard Whittington Primary School.

The week began with a house session to learn our house anthem and create banners for our closing ceremony. It was lovely to see everyone working together as a team and supporting one another!

Each class have taken part in so many exciting activities already and it’s only Tuesday!!

EYFS completed team games, aerobics, had a relaxing morning doing yoga and made some yummy pasta bake!

KS1 have written pledges about what they want to achieve over the week, taken part in ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ and travelled to the HECC Sport Centre for specialised cricket coaching!

Year 3/4 created some fabulous dishes in ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’, competed in a football tournament and learnt to fence!!

Year 5/6 have taken part in Archery, Rounders and BMX workshops!

We also had a visit from Mike at the BMX academy, who inspired KS2 with his mindset assembly and jaw dropping stunts. A big thank you to all staff who volunteered to be part of the Death Defying Leap.

There is still so much in store including Harlow Outdoors Centre, Stortford Gymnastics, bootcamp and many more!! Not to forget our Closing Ceremony on Thursday at 2pm; we invite all parents to come and celebrate our week of sporting achievements with us.