Vol 3 Issue 7

Weather and school closures

The weather this week has been the subject of many conversations and with snow forecast over the weekend we would just like to remind parents of the procedure for school closures.

The decision to close the school will not be taken lightly. We will endeavour to stay open as we recognise that many businesses and other places of work will continue to run and parents will have to work. As a school we do have to make careful consideration as to the health and safety of staff travelling in, especially as many come from distance and need to be here in time ready for the school to function.

If we do have to close the school we will notify parents by text, Twitter and the school website. Please make sure that the school has your correct contact details for schoolcomms to ensure you receive the information.

As the weather is cold please ensure that children come to school with a coat (no matter how cool they think they are).

As the weather gets colder we also find that parking and movement of vehicles outside the school becomes more of an issue. We know the car is warm and getting as close to school as possible means you get less cold but please remember there is no parking or stopping on the yellow line between 8am and 5pm. Please also have consideration for residents parking both at the front and rear of the school.


We have sent out lots of letters regarding attendance. Firstly I would like to say thank you to those parents who have responded positively to the letters received at October half term and have helped to improve the attendance figures, I am sure the same will happen following the latest set. We monitor attendance every half term and if there are issues highlighted this becomes more frequent (usually in blocks of 4 weeks). For the majority of parents the letters are just for information as there is an expectation from the DfE that schools address attendance effectively.

We recognise that children get ill and are sometimes sent home from school or that parents follow the procedures that are in place within the attendance policy; where this is the case the absences are almost always authorised. Unfortunately, because of the link between absence and safeguarding the school must be clear in its expectations. For some parents I know this causes some upset and for that I apologise but the nature of the letters is to ensure that we are not only maintaining good attendance rates leading to better attainment but we are also safeguarding pupils who may be at risk.

Following feedback from parents and in discussion with the Attendance Improvement Officer and the Governing Body we will look at the wording of the letters to try to ensure that the message remains consistent without at first appearing too heavy-handed.

Class Assemblies

Wednesday 1st March – Robins
Wednesday 8th March—Owls
Tuesday 14th March—Magpies
Wednesday 22nd March—Goldfinches
Tuesday 28th March—Puffins

All class assemblies will start at 9:15am.
Years 3 & 4 will not do a class assembly this term as they have their production in the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd March and the evening of Thursday 23rd March.
Years 5 & 6 will be giving parents a different opportunity to come in and see their work. More information about this will be sent out after half term.