Using High Level Vocabulary

Please read the climax section of a story that Herons wrote together as a class using high level vocabulary. They also think it is good because of the range of high level punctuation and sentence structures they have used. Enjoy!

Shared Write (LO: To write a story climax using a variety of higher level vocabulary)

The searing heat of the sun rapidly scorched his body. It reminded him of when he tried to take a pizza out of the oven and accidentally touched the grill, receiving some severe burns to his entire left arm. Unfortunately, there was no ice cold water to soothe his burns on this particular nerve-wracking meteor ride. Pain danced gleefully through his petrified body as blood-red flames leaped like a ballerina through the air. Layers of his ashy skin disappeared as the sun loomed closer, like a furious ball of hot fire chasing him; completing six hundred rotations per second, he had no chance against the overpowering Neutron Star.

Fear and frustration had begun. Feeling faint, the hot sweat started to trickle down his nervous body, like a silky raindrop meandering down a window, while the meteor – as fast as a supersonic rocket – got closer to the sun. Beams of incredibly blinding light and blistering heat blazed fiercely, cascading down upon him hotter and brighter than a million fireflies. What was he supposed to do now?