A Poem Using Figurative Language by Herons Class

The Galaxy Traveller

As I gazed at the silvery moon that was smiling down at me,

My sweaty hands slipped as I clambered into my space suit,

Terrified of what I was about to experience, my legs were jelly.

As the countdown began, the rocket roared as loud as thunder.


5 -, 4 -, 3 -, 2 -, 1 -, BLAST OFF!

Thick smoke billowed from the engine,

Swallowing the ground as the rocket gained speed,

Zooming through the air like a speeding bullet from a sniper rifle.

A vicious lion, the clouds and smoke devoured the rocket.


The white blanket disappeared, a black canvas revealed,

Stars winked playfully as I travelled further through Space,

The eight planets chased each other around the Sun;

Saturn’s rings danced around in circles.


Earth was a blue and green dot in space; far, far away,

The comets ran through the mysterious vast black background.

Reaching the end of the Solar System, a fluffy cloud appeared;

The nebular cloud was as colourful as an intergalactic rainbow.

Rays of sunlight burst through the darkness, waking me.


Was it just a dream?