Vol 3 Issue 4


Any absence affects the pattern of a child’s schooling and regular absence will seriously affect their learning. Any child’s absence disrupts teaching routines so may affect the learning of others in the same class. Ensuring every child’s regular attendance at school is the parent’s/carer’s responsibility and permitting absence from school without good reason creates an offence in law and may result in prosecution.

Attendance MATTERS. Missing school hurts your child’s education. Below is a table illustrating the impact that absences and failure to arrive at school on time can have upon your child’s school life throughout the academic year:

Missed learning time through absence:

Attendance By Christmas  By Easter By the End of the Year
100%  0 0 0 days
95%  4 7 10 days
90% 7 13 20 days
85% 11 19 30 days
80% 14 27 40 days
Missed learning time through lateness
5 minutes late 3 days lost
10 minutes late 6 ½ days lost
15 minutes late 10 days lost
20 minutes late 13 days lost
30 minutes late 19 days Lost A full ‘grade’ drop in targets or expected attainment

Visitors and Late arrivals

The new signing-in system is in place in the office. This allows us to track contractors and visitors to the site much more easily and makes them easily identifiable to staff and pupils as being allowed on site. We continually say to children that anyone who is on site must have a badge on to tell them who they are and that if they can not see a badge then they must tell an adult straight away.
If you are on site for any reason (productions and parents’ evenings’ will be an exception) you also must sign in at the office and collect your visitor badge which will have your photograph printed on.
When children are late you must sign them in via the office. Children can be ordering their lunch but they must be signed in by an adult.

Packed Lunches

Over the last few weeks we have noticed that children’s lunchboxes have begun to cause concern in some cases. We are not a designated healthy school and this is a deliberate choice as I feel that the scheme went to far in banning certain food groups and naming and shaming parents into giving children food that they may not have eaten just to fulfil strict criteria. We do, however, encourage healthy options for lunch and snacks and it is this that seems to have become more of a problem recently. During the past few weeks we have had 5 chocolate digestives wrapped in tin foil, peanut bars, high sugar content drinks and other examples. Please can parents be mindful of what you are putting in lunch boxes and that it contains a balance of food groups and a limit on sugar and snack-type foods. This also extends to drinks either in lunch boxes or brought in water bottles.
Please also remember that the school is a nut-free environment as we do have some children with serious allergies.

Boiler project

You will have noticed this evening the large container that has arrived on site. Our boiler project has begun and we have had a site meeting today to discuss where certain features are going. The container will be here for around 15 weeks and will be the space used predominantly used by T Clarke who are our contractors. The work will generally take place in the evenings but there will be some staff on site during the day. The children have been told and reminded about being safe in school but please remind them again after the half term holiday.
We will try to keep parents up to date with any significant changes as the project moves forward.

MSA posts

We still have a vacancy for a midday assistant if anyone is interested. The role is from 11:45—13:15 Monday to Friday. Please contact the office if you would like more information.

Parents’ Evening

Parents’ evening letters have gone out to the youngest sibling tonight. They need to be returned after half term. We will allocated times as quickly as possible and inform parents before the end of the first week back from half term.