Forest School – Help

Our school is ever-striving to provide outdoor and active learning that allows children to take risks and develop physical and social skills through independent activities. The Forest School Area is still in need of extensive development. Drastic changes need to be made, which include;
New pathways
Willow work
A firepit area!

£10,000 would provide the children with:
Outdoor play furniture
Sensory area
An apple espalier archway leading to the Forest School.

With £12,000 the children would also be provided with:
A cedar outdoor classroom that would enable teachers to take children’s learning outside more frequently in a sheltered workspace.

We have already received so much support from our local community with gardening events and donations, but there is only so much that we can do with our current funding. With the further help and support from local Tesco Customers, we could together make an even bigger impact to the children and clubs who benefit from the use of our school grounds. So please get voting!

Voting is open in stores from 31st October to 13th November. All you will need to do is cast your vote using a token given to you at the check-out in store each time you shop!



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