Term Overview Y3/4

Blitz and Pieces


Dear Parents and Carers,

We have an exciting term ahead with our new topic ‘ Blitz and Pieces’, which is all about World War Two.

This leaflet outlines each subject in more detail and gives a general  overview of what your child will be learning throughout the term, which we hope you will find useful.

Parental support is hugely valuable to your child’s education, therefore, if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to speak to us.

We look forward to a successful term ahead.

Mrs Steer, Miss Marshall-Spence and  Mr Hamilton



English this half term will encompass a range of poetry, narrative and non-fiction writing, particularly, focusing on grammar and spelling.  Through reading a range of texts, we will develop our knowledge of the features of different genres, specifically focusing on diary entries, information and explanation texts.


We will enhance pupils’understanding and confidence in maths by relating each area of the subject to everyday experiences.  This will broaden and consolidate their knowledge and understanding, allowing them to practise their using and applying skills through problem solving investigations.

Please encourage your child to use Mathletics at home to support their learning in school.

Geography/ History

This term, we are learning all about World War Two. Therefore, as part of our topic, we will be discussing how the war started, what life was like during the war, how people stayed safe and how life in Britain has changed since. In Geography, we will focus on the countries that were involved in WWII and whether they were allies or axis. Children will find out where these countries are in the world and what continents they belong to.

Art and D&T

In art, children  will  explore observational drawing, focusing on  the Blitz . They will also use a range of resources to create their very own Anderson or Morrison shelter. Pupils will also have the opportunity to make their own meal using rationed goods.

Outdoor Learning

During  our outdoor learning sessions, pupils will explore how to use natural materials to build strong and durable shelters.

Please make sure that your child has the correct  clothing and suitable footwear for these sessions.


Throughout the term,  the children will  be looking at a range of wartime music and will be creating their own song to a beat of their choice.


During the term, children will be learning about ‘The Blackout’ during the Blitz. Therefore, we have decided to focus on ‘Light’ as our first unit of Science. Children will use their shelters to test whether materials are opaque enough to be used. In addition to this, we will learn about how light travels and how is was used in the war to detect cities from the sky. Our Second unit of science will be electricity. We will look at a range of circuits and children will get the opportunity to  make an air raid siren of their own.


Children will learn about Islam and  Christianity.


Indoor P.E will be  dance

Outdoor P.E will be  rugby

Please could you ensure your child has the correct P.E kit in school