Homework Y1/2



Get Creative!

This piece of homework can be completed and handed in at any point during this term.

This is your chance to become a true inventor!

Take a walk inside and outside of your house and find a problem that needs a solution! For example; my room is always messy! My toys are never in the right place! I always burn my toes when testing the temperature of the bath!

Your challenge is to invent a solution to your problem! You can present your invention by blueprint, picture or even create a prototype!


Spelling and Phonics

You will be given spellings each Wednesday and tested for them the following Wednesday. This term spellings will be based on week 1-6 of your year group’s list in your spelling journals. If this changes, your teacher will write a note on your journal for this.

Spelling tips:

  • look/cover/write/check
  • Practise writing sentences that use your spellings – that way you will have really learnt them!
  • Phonics games and activities on www.phonicsplay.co.uk



Please read daily and make sure that the adult reading with you signs your reading journal! Please record all reading (even if it’s not your school reading book) so that your teacher can also see what kinds of books you enjoy reading at home!

Try to read the following types of text:

A newspaper article

A comic

A story

A poem

A webpage



Improve your mental maths skills! Here are the things to work on this term:

·        Number bonds (both addition and subtraction) to 10, 20 or more.

·        Counting in 1s,2s,5s and 10s

·        Timetables -2’s and 10s. These need to be learnt in order then out of order