End of year message from Governors

As this academic year draws to a close I wanted to reflect on the school’s achievements over the past year and look ahead at our future plans.

The quality of teaching and the progress pupils have been making have both improved significantly over the past year. This was highlighted by the Ofsted report, but it is also clear from the school’s data and from the assessment of the school’s independent external advisers.

Of course there is always more to do, and the school has a clear plan for 2016/7 with even more ambitious targets linked to a new school strategy to improve the outcomes for our children.

We have also invested in our facilities, most notably with the opening of the new library. We will continue this investment next year and have increased the budget to do so. Some initial planning work will take place in the new term and we hope to be able to give you a full update on proposals as soon as possible.

We are very aware that there is more to do to improve communication and engagement between the school, parents and the wider community. A new website is imminent, which will help, but we would also be interested in your view – as parents what would improve things from your perspective? We would very much like to start the autumn term with a few practical ideas that we can act on.

The school’s achievements are very much a team effort, and we would like to recognise the work of all those who make it happen: teaching staff, support staff, volunteers, the excellent PFA, and you as parents – without all of you playing your part the progress we’re making wouldn’t be possible. Thank you.

Governors would also like to thank the staff who are moving on. Mr Hamilton has made a significant impact as Assistant Headteacher over the past year, particularly in leading the improvements to maths teaching across the school. Miss Humphrey has led the Early Years and Foundation stage brilliantly and has been an outstanding champion of sport in the school. Mrs Schmiedecke and Mrs Stewart, two of our learning support assistants who have contributed a great amount, will also be leaving. Mrs. Askem, Mrs. Bergonzi, Ms Denys and Mrs. Mehmet, who are all MSAs. We wish all of them the very best for the future.

Finally, the governors would like to thank all our children for their positive attitudes and excellent behaviour this year. They are a real credit to the school, to parents and to the teachers. Governors are very proud of the efforts every child puts in and they should all feel very proud of their achievements. We particularly wish our Year 6 children well for the future.

Have a wonderful summer break, and see you in September for what will be another exciting year.

Rob Halkyard

Chair of Governors