Class allocation 2016/17

Following class change day today, your child knows which class and teacher they will have for the academic year 2016/17. We have continued our approach to class allocation this year to ensure that we are taking account of children’s needs and past experiences.

From the beginning of their time in school we want to try to achieve a balance for children, giving them as many different experiences and opportunities as possible. These experiences include; being taught by newly qualified teachers who often have the most up-to- date, innovative ideas; being taught by a teacher with lots of experience; a member of the Senior Leadership team or a member of staff with significant leadership responsibility.

Not only should we be looking at the teacher that children are working with but also the variety in the children that they work with. Sometimes children make very strong friendships and these have a positive effect on the education and so we would want these to continue. Sometimes the friendships can be very one-sided leading to a lack of independence for one of the children and so we need to ensure that they are given more opportunities to work independently of that friendship group. There may be a clash of personalities that we are able to address by putting children in different classes.

We also want to give children the chance to work with lots of different abilities; children who are fantastic artists for example to give the others a view of what superb art looks like; an exceptional mathematician to see that children can achieve more than they would expect. All these factors allow for a much richer educational experience and it is one of the significant advantages to working in a school with more or less than one class intake.

We have thought very carefully about these class mixes and it has taken a great deal of time to come up with the final classes for September. We believe that we have made the correct decisions for individual children. We will, as we always do, listen to parents concerns if there are any regarding individual children; sometimes, albeit rarely, there are factors that we have not considered or not known about and we may need parents to inform us of them. In almost all cases we find that the correct decision has been made and the children thrive in their new class. On very rare occasions we may have made a mistake. If this is the case we will make every effort to rectify it as quickly as possible

We are really pleased to welcome Ms Amanda Wild, who will taking up the post of Assistant Headteacher from September and teaching in Reception, Miss Michelle Collins, who will also be teaching a Year 1/2 class, and Miss Paula Hassett, who will also teach a Year 1/2 class. Unfortunately Miss Collins and Miss Hassett were unable to be here today but will hopefully be able to meet their classes before September.

We have arranged for parents’ meetings to take place early in the Autumn term for you to meet your child’s class teacher; these will be week commencing 12th September at 3:30pm. Teachers will send out welcome letters in the first week confirming the times of these meetings.

If you have any concerns or queries please make an appointment to come and discuss them with me or your child’s current class teacher.

Thank you very much for your on-going support.

Antony Kern


Class Year Group Teacher Class room
Ducklings Nursery Ms Thomson, Ms Taylor, Mrs Aylett Nursery building
Goldfinches Reception Miss Matthews, Mrs Staines, Mrs Cerezo Reception
Puffins Reception Ms Wild, Mrs Payne Reception
Robins 1/2 Miss Ashton, Mrs Garside, Mrs Pye Mr L. Hamilton’s current classroom
Magpies 1/2 Miss Collins, Mrs Mallison Mr Hamlyn’s current classroom
Owls 1/2 Miss Hassett, Ms Browne Miss Ashton’s current classroom
Kingfishers 3/4 Mrs Steer, Mrs Beverley Miss Spence’s current classroom
Doves 3/4 Miss Spence, Mrs Poulter Mrs Duhig’s current classroom
Penguins 3/4 Mr L. Hamilton, Mrs Jameson Mr C. Hamilton’s current classroom
Herons 5/6 Miss Jameson, Mrs Sinclair  Mrs Lacey’s & Mrs Sinclair’s current classroom
Skylarks 5/6 Mr Hamlyn, Mrs Smith Mrs Steer’s current classroom
Eagles 5/6 Mr Allen, Mrs McCole Miss Jameson’s current classroom